Mikkel N. schmidt


Mikkel N. Schmidt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark
DTU Compute
Section for Cognitive Systems
Richard Petersens Plads, DTU Bldg. 321
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Email: mnsc@dtu.dk

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Brain connectivity: Non-parametric Relational Modeling of Functional and Structural Brain Connectivity.

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Research interests

Statistical models are used in all areas of science to describe stochastic relations between variables. In statistical modeling, probability theory is used to describe the uncertaincy that is present due to inaccurate measurements, model mismatch, missing data, etc. The process of drawing conclusions based on statistical models is called statistical inference. The aim of my research is to develop novel statistical methodology, which includes:
  1. Formulating probabilistic models and devising procedures for computational inference, evaluation, and validation.
  2. Applying the developed methodology to solve problems in various application areas in science and industry.


Tommy Sonne Alstrøm, Morten Arngren, Mads G. Chrisensen, Fumiko Kano Glückstad, Lars Kai Hansen, Tue Herlau, Fu-Tien Hsiao, Søren H. Jensen, Jan Larsen, Hans Laurberg, Shakir Mohamed, Morten Mørup, Rasmus K. Olsson, Ole Winther.